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Product imagery

A few weeks back Hilary's commissioned us to produce a series of product illustrations for a project they were working on at the time, it became a fun exercise in research and visual continuity. Below are some examples of the final images sent;


Chaos, order, art or architecture?

(c)Stefan_Tuchila_002_K3_2694 Kengo Kuma & Associates has revealed a piece for Galerie Philippe Gravier in Paris.


Using traditional Japanese carpentry techniques the project creates an  “organic and flexible space, allowing free movement through and up the structure by using the ladder to access the bedroom, living room, and terrace,"


“The first floor hosts a multi-purpose space. From here one can access the bedroom, the upper floor, and terrace by using the ladder. The main floor works as an “engawa,” a traditional Japanese floor serving as a passageway, and gathering and sitting space.”

Project Baku Homes, Studio AVC

Working with Ayca at Studio AVC was a pleasure for this project, we enjoyed being involved in such a thought-out and well planned project. Baku Homes has been designed as a model sustainable urban form, combining home, work, commerce and leisure in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The scheme includes individual villas, as well as apartments accommodated within six twelve-story blocks.

The layout of the site responds to the sun’s path so that the buildings benefit from the daylight as much as possible.

Future concepts pt. 1

A recent blog from the guys at designboom sparkled our memories of artists concepts for future technology and lifestyles. From Syd Mead's work on the original Tron film, his fantastical, colourful and clean ideas to other darker cynical views. We thought we'd share some of our favourite picks

Syd Mead

Some of his earliest, perhaps most famous works were on Ridley Scotts 1980s film Blade Runner, working as a 'visual futurist' he designed environments and the iconic 'Spinner'. He worked on the original 1982 Tron movie, forming some beautiful curvy designs for the light cycles.

Design for the Spinner in Blade Runner.
Design for the Spinner in Blade Runner.
Syd Meads design for the light cycles in Tron.
Syd Meads design for the light cycles in Tron.

If Blade Runner and Tron were not awesome enough to work on, he got a spot as a conceptual artist for James Camerons 80s hit, Aliens. Designing the aerial mast coated Sulaco spaceship.

The Sulaco ship from Aliens.
The Sulaco ship from Aliens.

Continuing his career and interest in the future concepts, he dreamed up the lovable Johnny 5 in Short Circuit.

Alongside the film work, Mead has a huge arsenal of conceptual environment designs, lifestyle images and well thought out vehicle ideas. After all, his career started off working for the mighty Ford Motor Company.

An interior environment design for Blade Runner.
An interior environment design for Blade Runner.
Syd Meads vision for a future.
Syd Meads vision for a future.

Simon Stålenhag

We only recently stumbled across Simon's website, which we can't seem to leave alone. The Swedish artist mixes everyday life scenarios with either subtle glimpses of the future or gargantuan run-down farming robots. His pieces almost look like snapshots from a family trip through America in the 2100s.

We just can't say enough about his work! Truly fantastic.

Evgeny Kazantsev

Forming more architectural, and sometimes cynical views of the future comes Evgeny Kazantsev's 'Past in the Future' series of images. Gravity defying train suspension tracks, an overly polluted, traffic heavy cityscape and a smart looking underwater city adorn his behance portfolio.

Project Eco Nyon

A second enjoyable project for IttenBrechbühl, we really appreciate the open mind they take to imaging a project. Not having a finalized design for this project meant we were able to take a light-hand to the images, with a focus on the people using the space as well as the architecture behind it all.



Ground level public space.


Fribourg Competition, IttenBrechbühl

We worked with Swiss architects IttenBrechbühl earlier this year. They requested an illustrative style for the images, which we were happy to accommodate. It's always a great pleasure when the architect is looking for something different and we enjoyed working on this particular project.

A view into the Library.

Internal view of a communal area.

BDI University, MAKE Architects

We were given the opportunity to work with the talented UK based MAKE Architects. An exciting, grand scheme with a lot of detail and excellent landscaping ideas, which we bought to life in 3D. This final version had a few changes along the design process. There was some fine tuning to the facade fins as well as a few roof variations and landscape configurations.

Keeping the external site simple, we have shown off the design and materials of this building and how it fits beautifully in its context and existing partner building.

Aerial view of the BDI University scheme by MAKE Architects


Street View of BDI University by MAKE Architects